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AA Big Book Study with Howard E.

The YouTube playlist on the left (top on mobile device) is from the Sahara Big Book Study on Thursdays in Ansonia, CT at the Sahara Club.  The playlist on the right (bottom on mobile device) is from the Seymour Big Book Study on Sundays in Seymour, CT at the United Methodist Church of Seymour.  The PDF links below the playlists are downloadable versions of the handouts that are given out each week at the studies.  Each study is still in progress, and both are expected to last about 40 weeks.  If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello!  For more information about the studies, please contact Howard E. at

Sahara Thursdays AA Big Book Study

Seymour Sundays AA Big Book Study

Welcome to the Workshop

Three Legacies of Alcoholics Anonymous

The Akron Connection

Consider This...  First Meeting Material

The Dr.'s Opinion Blueprint

AMA Review of the Big Book

Bill's Story

Bill's Story - Hampshire Grenadier

Ebby Thatcher Bio

There is a Solution

AA History Diagram

Rowland Hazard

More About Alcoholism

We Agnostics

We Agnostics

Belief Vs. Faith

Spiritual Guideposts

Step 1

Step 2

How it Works

Thoughts on the First Three Pages of How it Works

Chapter 5 Book vs. Manuscript

Step 3 Review

Road Chart to a Decision

Third Step Prayer

Step 4 Review and Inventory Comparison

Step 4 Angers Prompt

Step 4 Review of Angers Grid

Step 4 The Basic Instincts of Life

Step 4 Column Five Review

Suggestions for Resentments We Feel We Cannot Let Go of

Checklist of Flaws and Assets

Fear Inventory Prompt Sheet 

Sex Inventory Grid

Assets Inventory

Harms Other than Sexual Grid

Into Action Review Sheet

Step 5 with Thoughts on New Attitude

Step 6 with Thoughts on Being Entirely Ready

Step 7

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