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AA Speaker Pat A. 

"Relationships and Sex in the Fellowship Workshop"

AA Speaker Pat A. bas been married 3 times, is a marriage/family/child therapist, and gives great sex advice in this workshop on relationships, at an Alcoholics Anonymous Conference. She is a self-proclaimed blackout drunk, who is an expert at lousy relationships, and makes the commitment in this talk to show you how to have a compulsive relationship.


While illustrating AA connections to psychology, she tells a story of when Bill Wilson went to consult with Carl Jung about the differences between women and men. She goes on to gives great advice about having sex with those in the fellowship, and how to handle a relationship if you have a masculine or feminine personality, but she warns to not get addicted to your partner.


This is a longer workshop because Pat has a Q and A session from the audience at the 47:45 mark.


· Do you agree with the logic or know the difference between the F and U, one-night-stands, affairs, and relationships? Do you think it would work for the masculine personality?


· What if, despite your definition, I don’t know whether I am the feminine or the masculine?


· What if the woman does not feel comfortable with sex until much later in the relationship, but the man is always frustrated?


· I always want to be the feminine energy, but I always choose feminine men. What do I do?


· I always want more than he does…


· What if I’m not sure what I want from the feminine?


· If you are the female and are paying the rent and taking care of the male how do you remain the feminine side of the relationship?


· How does your horoscope effect your energy?


· And more not listed here for space…

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