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Hilarious AA Speaker Jennifer H.  

“I Used to Have a Skid Row Soul"

This hilarious Alcoholics Anonymous speaker says she learned to be funny, so it would seem she was supposed to be this way. Jennifer H. shares her lessons in recovery, in a frank manner, with punch-line after punch-line, beginning with the first time she ever drank.


The life lessons she learned include not becoming a preschool teacher, if you plan on coming to work hung over every day, and to choose a boyfriend who doesn’t have a car, or a job, so when you drop him off, you can find him later. Eventually, she figures out that she has a problem with driving, and decides to move next door to her new Home-Bar.


The tone of her speech changes when sitting on the same bar stool day after day, week after week, year after year, until she developed what she calls, “skid row of the soul.” She found herself in situations, where if she was simply a heavy, or problem drinker, there would be sufficient reason to stop.


When after a couple DWI's, her high-priced attorney didn’t have any good news for her, she realizes the price she has paid for her alcoholism, and makes a deal with god in her home group's parking lot.

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