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Funny AA Speaker - Ed L.

"A Veteran Lieutenant Colonel’s Story of Recovery"

Veteran Lieutenant colonel Eddie L. is a self-described member of the CIA (Catholic, Irish, and Alcoholic). He begins with humorous antics about his Irish past, then discusses his journey through alcoholism, how he found recovery, and finally how he became a trial attorney at the age of 45 to represent those who couldn't afford to represent themselves.


Several instances Eddie describes times how he really went places when he listened to "the voice" and would end up doing things such as stealing a police car, or waking up in an African hut not knowing how he got on that continent during his time in the Air-force.


Eddie met Kurt in 1962, and although he wasn't positive Eddie belonged in AA, he sure knew they wouldn't turn him away! He ends the talk with a heartbreaking tale as he did the worst thing he ever did and was still shown grace.

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