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Famous AA Speaker Danny T.

"I was Going to Jail, Going Insane, or Going to Die" 

Public personality, Danny T., shares his funny journey beginning when he first found himself partying, loaded on pills, crashing the Friday night Alcoholics Anonymous speaker meeting, in the worst part of town, and caught the curse of recovery.

Through humorous story telling, he describes how he shook resentment, by realizing how wonderful things start to happen to those you resent, how to appropriately take a slip, and how to get rid of the headache that just one beer gives you (Hint: It involves more beer). At 37 years clean, he takes great pride in being the most irresponsible person in Alcoholics Anonymous, and warns that if you ask him to speak, you need to call him five times to remind him, or he will not make it.

Danny will keep you laughing, when after eleven years in prison, his sponsor helps him come to some certain realizations about himself, such as… you don't come out of the penitentiary a pleasant person…  You can't be a touchy-feely person in prison… and not only does he not look like a nice person, but he's not a nice person.  This contrasts with the realization that everything good that has ever happened to him, happened is a direct result of something good he did for someone else.

Finally, Danny tells us when he got his first acting gig by pretending he could act like a convict, to describing his 123 movie career working with some of the biggest actors in Hollywood, because of the things he has learned in Alcoholics Anonymous.

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