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AA Speaker Jim M.

“The Great Embellisher! A Liar, Con, and Cheat”

As a child, Jim found that he was a great embellisher, a liar, a con, and a cheat. At 13 he added alcoholism to the list. He admits that "extracurricular actives" were a large part of his story, and that he did a lot of drugs in the 70's. This audio is a recording of an Alcoholics Anonymous speaker meeting, in which Firefighter Jim M. tells his story of recovery.


He was hired on as a firefighter in 1974, and kept a firefighter’s schedule of 24 hours saving lives, followed by 48 hours of drinking. Although it seemed he was always complaining about the drunk driving accidents he saw, he received 2 DWI's himself, and was discharged from service.


His first attempt at treatment gave him a mind full of AA, and he was able to stay sober for 9 months. When he got involved in a relationship, and started drinking again, he stayed drunk for 20 years. When he was discharged from the hospital from his first alcohol related seizure, he left the hospital and went directly to the bar. He did the same on his second trip to the hospital.


When he came back into the rooms of AA on August 14th, 2005, and stayed sober, he found he needed to go to a meeting every day, and immediately start working the 12 steps. He says he has hit the point where he no longer goes to AA meetings because he has too, he goes because he wants to. 

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