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AA Speaker Jim B.

"Journeys in Sponsorship, in Alcoholics Anonymous" 

Jim B. gets straight into his story of recovery, by describing a time when he fell in love with the fellowship, at his first meeting. Although he has many years clean at the time of the recording, his early recovery was characterized largely by relapse.


Through humorous storytelling, he focuses his talk primarily on tales between him and multiple sponsors, who clarified whether you can drink beer or not, and the dark spot deep within us called the “secret place.” With eight years sober, he found himself without a sponsor, when his sponsor had quit AA because of his job and family. In the small town he lived in at the time, he found if difficult to find a new sponsor, so he decided to sponsor himself!


Jim comes to a few conclusions about sponsorship such as, he must have a one who he can talk to about subjects ranging from masturbation to mutual funds, and the fact he only really understood the steps only once he started sponsoring other alcoholics himself.


At the end Jim enlightens his audience with a Q & A.


· Do I practice my sense of humor?


· Has anyone ever successfully sponsored a close friend or relative?


· Can men sponsor women and vice versa?


· If you’re not sure if your sponsors direction is “program” or not should you look for another sponsor?


· Do I require my pigeons to do any specific things?


· Long distance sponsorship? And what to do if your baby drinks?


· Have you ever fired anybody who doesn’t follow your divine guidance?


· Dependency upon another individual? And can any human power relieve alcoholism?

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